Angela Bryson

Owner, Angels-Landing Yoga & Wellness

Angela is the owner and creator of Angels-Landing Yoga & Wellness, and the newly opened AngeLove Boutique, a gift shop with the intention to “give something that means something”. Yoga has been fundamental to her life for decades, keeping her strong, grounded and centred. Teaching yoga has continually inspired her to seek a greater depth of knowledge, always learning and growing, receiving certifications at home in Canada as well as in Costa Rica and Bali.

Her classes and workshops work with the body’s subtle energy, connecting movement and breath to create a soulful practice with attention to detail and alignment. Great emphasis is put on honouring your body and allowing for challenge as well as surrender...enjoying your body as it and every day. Her hope is inspire those she encounters to lead with for oneself and love for each purposefully and breath at a time.