Clare Kumar

Speaker, Consultant, & Coach

Productivity catalyst Clare Kumar writes, consults, and coaches on the intersection of efficiency, effectiveness, and enjoyment. As a person with sensory processing sensitivity (otherwise known as superpower), Clare Kumar cultivated and honed her organizing and productivity skills driven by the need to calm her environment and feel more in control. For over ten years, she has served as a regular media contributor and brand spokesperson on productivity, organization, and work-life integration, appearing in Fast Company, The Huffington Post, The Social, The Marilyn Denis Show, and more. She co-invented and launched a patented and well-loved organizing product which was sold all over North America and through shopping television. Clare currently works with leaders and their teams as a speaker and executive coach committed to encouraging sustainable contributions from every team member, with a focus on the inclusion of those with neurodiversity and invisible illness. Clare spent her teen years in Waterloo and currently lives in Etobicoke, with an uncluttered view of the lake.