Desiree Dawn Kschesinski

Owner, Desiree Dawn Designs

Desiree is the self-proclaimed ‘crazy crystal lady’ behind Desiree Dawn Designs. A hippie at heart, who just wants everyone to tap into their own innate wisdom. Desiree offers distance crystal healing sessions and also shares her high vibe crystal jewels, tools, and decor to help others rock their best life and to support them on their path and purpose.

Desiree, like so many others, is no stranger to hardship. She leveraged the challenges, trauma and pain in her life to fuel her self-healing and self-discovery journey. Crystal healing was integral to this process and helped her redesign her life. Her purpose is to share her crystal knowledge and healing energy with others. The result is that her clients raise their own vibration, rise up, and shine their bright beautiful lights; however that looks for them.

Desiree's career as a soul entrepreneur started through designing, making, and selling crystal jewellery. Her business and impact continue to flourish. A life long learner and soul searcher, Desiree is a second degree Reiki Practitioner and a Certified Crystal Practitioner. Living a purpose-driven life, she will continue expanding her healing work in those modalities while learning new tools and techniques to help support her clients in their journey.