Val Shah

CEO & Founder, Val Shah Corp./DROM

Val is the CEO and Founder of Val Shah Corp., an organization designed to energize, motivate and inspire people through fun, easy and adaptable movement and mindfulness experiences.  As a result of Val’s belief that anything is possible and her desire to help people live their best lives, she has created her second company called DROM Practice - fusing together the energy of the drum with the OM of meditation.  A powerful and magical combination to get anyone out of their head and into the moment.

Since 2006, Val has drummed with thousands of people across North America.  She has worked with all ages and abilities - from 2 to 96 - to relieve stress, have fun and foster personal growth. 

Val is an international presenter who promotes the importance of mental health and well-being through DROM.  From corporate events and speaking engagements to energizers, a membership program and trainings, no matter the size of audience, Val engages people to move, think creatively and feel a renewed sense of empowerment.