Courtney Fonseca





Founder & Mother Hustlr, Hustl & Flow

Courtney Fonseca, a Mother Hustlr, lifelong mover and shaker, and wellness advocate, spent 10 years building the leading brand in plant-based Nutrition, and leading the Canadian Sales team at Vega. Most recently her vision and passions led to the creation of Hustl & Flow, a Wellness Collective and Fitness Space that is centred around uniting and uplifting our community through group fitness. Courntey had a desire to create a space that allows people to elevate their mind, body and soul through music, movement, and human connection. She has a deep love for inspiring others to discover their purpose and fullest potential by embracing their passions, stepping out of their comfort zone and taking ownership of their personal well-being through nutrition, mindfulness, movement and a balanced approach to life.