Tracy Valko

Principal Mortgage Broker/ CVO-Founder, Valko Financial Ltd.

Tracy has been a pillar of service and inspiration to the finance and mortgage industry for more than twenty-five years. Her professional foundation has been built on heart-centred leadership, honesty, integrity, commitment, and professionalism. Tracy and her team have hosted hugely successful community events, as well as participates regularly in staple community initiatives supporting several of their choice-charities (KW Humane Society, Waterloo Region Down Syndrome Society, The Food Bank, Child & Family Services, and more). Tracy has been recognized several times locally and provincially for her contributions and enduring support in giving back to the community and setting a shining example for others in the industry. Tracy has co-authored two books and continues to publicly advocate and speak on issues relating to mental wellness and suicide prevention. When she’s not at the office, you’ll find Tracy at the barn with her daughter Meghan or wading up the (Grand) river with her son Brendan. She loves reading, running, meditating, dunking herself in ice baths, or just enjoying a nice quiet moment with her husband Bruno and Tess (their fur-baby) at home.