This event would not be possible without the continued support and dedication of our volunteers. Every year, the GKWCC Women’s Leadership Committee works to produce a series of events, including the Inspiring Women Event.


Thank you to the following committee members:

Committee Chair

Kim Wilhelm, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region

Committee Members

Allison Bourke, Oxford Learning Waterloo  Susan CranstonKat Katsambrokos  Nahla Kor  Kathy McDonald  Janice McVey  Sandra Stone  Karen Temple  Lesley Warren

*Not Pictured: Kim Wilhelm (The Food Bank of Waterloo Region); Rebecca Hempy (The Delivery Guys); Amanda Melnick (United Way, Waterloo Region); Rachel Sommers (RBC PH&N Investment Counsel).

Staff Representatives

Hannah Kelly, Events Coordinator, GKWCC

Carolyn Marsh, Events Manager, GKWCC

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with the GKWCC, including the Women’s Leadership Committee, please fill out the volunteer application on the GKWCC website.